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Ruth narrated and produced the Seeds of Christianity Series by E. G. Lewis. This historical fiction series spans the years from the birth of Christ through the destruction of Rome under Nero in 64 A.D.

Throughout the series, you’ll experience life in Roman Judea, Jerusalem, Antioch and Rome as Rivkah, Shemu’el and their family negotiate the events of the first century.

With a warm, conversational voice, Ruth brings enthusiasm and credibility to every project from audio books to instructional programs to audio tour guides.


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Genres: Self-help, Children’s Story, Investigative Nonfiction, Young Adult, Memoire
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Seeds of Christianity Series

Experience life during the very beginnings of Christianity in this best selling historical fiction series by E. G. Lewis.

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In this prelude to his popular "Seeds of Christianity Series," E. G. Lewis uses careful attention to detail to immerse the listener into the daily life of the new carpenter in Nazareth and a young woman named Mary who has caught his eye. You'll come away from this novel with a deep understanding and newfound respect for both Mary and Joseph. Like all of his "Seeds of Christianity" books, Road to Bethlehem is both historically and biblically accurate. (6 hours 30 min)
"Good News for Those Who Wonder" -- The biblical story for those who feel overwhelmed by their attempts to read the Bible and wonder just what is the core story of that large book. Here is the faith story of the Bible including all the major events and people, placing them in historical context. (3 hrs 24 min)
Mary Jane Combs may have gotten her momma's good looks, but her strong-willed determination came straight from Daddy. Growing up in Kentucky, she dreams of a simple life with a loving husband, a home of her own, and healthy kids. But fate has some tricks up its sleeve, and her life turns out to be anything but simple.

Instead of a housewife, Mary Jane becomes an international supermodel. She swaps the Appalachian coal country for New York City's Upper West Side, traveling the world in her private jet. Life is fine until she meets mystery man Michael Cole. An unscrupulous businessman with connections to the Russian Mafia, Michael will do anything to save his floundering company, including luring MJ into marriage. When she catches on to her husband's real character and dumps him, Cole sets out to destroy her along with everything she's accomplished.

With courage and spunk, Mary Jane uses her uncommon common sense to put Cole in his place and keep the promises she made to her mother as a young girl. (10 hours 12 min)
If you've wondered about the psychological aspects of emotional overeating, this book shows what goes on in the mind to bring about the behavior. After exploring why people overeat for emotional reasons, strategies for dealing with overeating are discussed. Implementing these strategies can directly help an overeater, as well as improve his or her relationships with others. (53 min)


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